31 May. 2024

PANACEA Placebo and Nocebo Education Partnership Meeting in Leiden


The sixth PANACEA partnership meeting was held in Leiden on May 29-30th, hosted and organized by Andrea Evers and Stefanie Meeuwis from ULEI. PANACEA aims to reduce the gap between the scientific evidence of placebo and nocebo effects and the clinical practice of the future and of today's healthcare professionals. This event focused on key updates and reviews concerning the PANACEA clinical guidelines on communication, the development of the learning materials (modules), the web application and the upcoming PANACEA Summer School. After a brief overview of the status of all the different aspects that are being developed, ULEI provided a progress update on the first version of the clinical guidelines and the systematic review. KU gave an in-depth evaluation of the development and progress of learning materials (modules), followed by RE2N showcasing these learning materials in the WebApp and all its features. During the second meeting, UCM Madrid and UNIBO discussed the program structure and evaluation methods for the Summer School, also giving an overview of the PANACEA days. All project developments were critically discussed and given worthy feedback to work towards an even better result. We look forward to continued collaboration and the exciting advancements to come at the PANACEA Summer School in Madrid this July.