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What do people appreciate in physicians' communication? An international study with focus groups using videotaped medical consultations. | Health expectations : an international journal of public participation in health care and health policy -

Mazzi, M. A., Rimondini, M., Deveugele, M., Zimmermann, C., Moretti, F., van Vliet, L., Deledda, G., Fletcher, I., & Bensing, J. (2015)

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Inducing expectations for health: effects of verbal suggestion and imagery on pain, itch, and fatigue as indicators of physical sensitivity. | PLOS ONE -

Peerdeman, K.J., van Laarhoven, A.I.M., Donders, R.T., Hopman, M.T.E., Peters, M.L., Evers, A.W.M. (2015)

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Communication with older, seriously ill patients. | Clinics in geriatric medicine -

van Vliet, L. M., Lindenberger, E., & van Weert, J. C. (2015)

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